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Sometimes it feels like the sky is falling.

People don’t like my work, that remark so-and-so just made seemed like a personal attack, I’m gaining weight because I’m a lazy piece of garbage…

Those thoughts can set in so subtlety that I don’t question them. When they creep in slowly…insidiously…I can find myself completely stuck in my own head questioning everything I’m doing.

But those negative thoughts are just that: negative thoughts. A manifestation of fear and stress and worry, but not a reflection of reality.

In fact, those thoughts most often creep into my world at seemingly random times when I have no evidence to support them at all.

And more often than not, they accompany some combination of lack of exercise, poor diet, too much caffeine, dehydration, poor sleep, or some other physical sickness.

So the next time you find yourself taking cover because the sky is falling or because your world is on fire, take a moment to consider if that’s really true, or if you just need to go for a run, drink some water, or take a nap.