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There’s a most common, safest, or presumed ‘correct’ way to do it too.

Person A came up with the ‘best’ or ‘correct’ way. There are articles written about it, and lists ranking it above all the other possible ways.

And it’s easy to find what is currently considered the ‘best’ way. The ‘best’ way is featured in videos and cited in books. Most people never dig deeper than this; they find the standard, and they adopt it.

But often, ‘best’ is confused with ‘most widely known and used.’

Before that way was the best way, there was a previous best way. That’s when Person A, who didn’t accept that method, created her own.

Then others rejected the standard too, and found Person A’s method. People noticed and the method spread – innovation!

Inevitably, Person B will think it’s boring or ignorant to follow Person A’s method, and create a new way too.

Maybe it’s better, maybe it’s not.

Maybe it catches on, maybe it doesn’t.

But are you brave enough to be Person B?