12-week accelerator

Unreal Collective is a 12-week, online accelerator for entrepreneurs and creators to reach their next project or business milestone.

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"12 weeks after starting Unreal Collective, we have an amazing team, a really solid foundation, and we have prospective clients."

- Andy Curran, founder and CEO of WeVote

Work with me directly

Personal coaching

This is for driven, ambitious people who feel like they just aren't quite living up to what they are capable of.

We work together to understand your goals, discover and remove roadblocks, create an action plan to accomplish your goals.

I generally reserve 1-on-1 coaching for members of Unreal Collective and referrals. But if this sounds like you, let's set up an introductory call to see if it's a fit.

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What clients are saying...

"When I started working with Jay I had a lot of ideas and no concrete plan of action to bring them to reality. Fast forward to now: I still have a ton of ideas and now I have added systems to be more methodical in my approach.

What makes working with Jay so worthwhile is how he helps to reframe your thought process to work better for you. It became abundantly clear very early in the program that Jay has a lot to offer and is willing to dig deep to help uncover and conquer what’s holding you back.

Working with Jay won’t necessarily solve all of your problems, but will equip you with new techniques to aid you in solving your problems yourself."

- Alek D.

"I sat for two years talking about my project like I was putting in real effort by changing my goals every other week and creating vague vision statements.

Over 8 weeks, I watched a shift in myself from planning to action. Taking an honest audit of where I was and digging deep on where I wanted to be was something I needed to make concrete progress on my project.

Jay's coaching wasn't a magic bullet. He didn't fix my problems. He helped to uncover them and gave me tools to work through them. If finding your direction and developing skills to accelerate you in that direction is what excites you, you will not be disappointed."

- Bennett C.


I know how important it is to book the right speaker for your event. You've been working hard to put everything together, you know what type of experience and emotion you want the audience to feel, and you're looking for a speaker who can make that a reality.

I get excited about the opportunity to light up an audience and help them open up to new opportunities and understanding.

If you want to talk about your event, and how I can bring the energy you're looking for, get in contact with me.


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Last thing - I write a newsletter about building the business you want too.


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My work is in progress -- both helping with the progress of others, and as a business owner myself.

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