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It’s hard to believe another month has passed already. I’ve been in full-court press mode getting things ready for our next Unreal Collective micro-communities, so I consumed less media this month.

But here are 10 pieces of media I really enjoyed and had a positive impact on my perspective. Check out the ones that sound interesting at your own pace. I’d love to hear what you liked the most.


  1. Ben Folds composes a song live for orchestra in 10 minutes
  2. “No Reason” music video by Bonobo
  3. TED: 12 truths I learned from life and writing (Anne Lamott)
  4. TED: Fear setting (Tim Ferriss)


  1. How to get better at sales (Tropical MBA)
  2. Emotions Part One (Invisibilia)


  1. Black teens are breaking the internet and seeing none of the profits
  2. We don’t need Childish Gambino anymore
  3. We don’t care


  1. The War of Art (Steven Pressfield)