Unreal Recommendations / June 2017

In media by Jay Clouse


  1. DO WHAT YOU CAN’T (4 min)
    • Casey Neistat…hype!
  2. Offf Barcelona (3 min)
    • Eye + ear candy
  3. John Cleese on creativity (36 min)
    • Amazing advice for creative work from 1991
  4. Saintseneca – “Book Of The Dead On Sale” (2 min)
    • Great song, fun video done with fish eye lens (Columbus natives!)
  5. Makin’ Moves (2.5 min)
    • Eye candy
  6. Explaining My Depression To My Mother (3.5 min)
    • Spoken word poetry about dealing with depression
  7. E:60 Catching Kayla (15 min)
    • Piece on a high school track athlete competing with MS
  8. LOVESTREAMS (10 min)
    • Short film on love + the internet
  9. 1988 Nike Just Do It ad (0.5 min)
    • I think you get this one


  1. Invisibilia
    • Season 3 started yesterday. I recommend binging on all episodes.


  1. How to not suck at design for non designers
  2. Alec Baldwin gets under Trump’s skin
  3. A year of google maps and apple maps


  1. The Magic of Thinking Big

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