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After a long and productive Monday, I sat across a table from my buddy Zach, eating a taco.

“Hey do you want to go to Asheville this weekend for Memorial Day?” he asked me and another friend.

We sat silent for a moment before declaring that we were in.

We spent a few hours over the next couple of days sending out Couchsurfing requests and pulling in a fourth travel partner. Aside from that, all we knew was a destination and a team that was willing and able to figure out how to make the most out of a long weekend road trip.

At 3pm on Friday, we met up to begin our drive. Still with no plan, we started driving south.

As we drove, we found cheap lodging along the route, a great dinner spot, and a local bar in our middle-of-nowhere town. And the next morning on our drive, we made further plans for hiking, live music, and more.

This is a mode of life I’ve gotten comfortable living in. I know the end destination, I don’t know how exactly what the path will look like, but I feel confident that we will figure it out.

In a lot of ways, that’s all everyone is doing all the time. Figuring it out.

But we can’t figure it out through inaction.