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At any given time, I make it a point to be working on improving at least one aspect of myself. That can mean physical traits, psychological traits, behavioral traits, and more.

For example, in the recent past I have made it a point to:

  • Make and maintain eye contact
  • Sit physically still when speaking/listening
  • Speak using hand gestures
  • Ask non-boring questions in conversation
  • Dab when I sneeze
  • Rehearse/memorize names
  • Eliminate “like” when speaking
  • Become a morning person

By continuously scanning for aspects of my behavior that I can improve, I practice awareness and by extension improve my ability to connect with others.

If you aren’t actively working on improving some facet of your life, I would argue that you are a.) practicing a lack of awareness and/or b.) missing an opportunity to grow personally and in your ability to form relationships.

The great news is you can start working on this today and any other day.

We are starting another 30 day challenge for July and I’d love for you to join us. It’s free and it’s a fun exercise to promote positive behavioral change.

In the past, individuals have given up smoking, stopped drinking, began waking up earlier, flossed, set exercise routines, and dedicated time to being outdoors. Here is their feedback.

The best challenges are measurable/achievable on a daily basis, or can be averaged across the 30 days (such as running [number] miles).

What will you work to improve this month?