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Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Generally, my Sundays look like this:

  • Wake up an hour or two later than usual around 8am
  • Slowly make some breakfast and coffee
  • Get a workout in (the best days include squash + lift + hot tub + sauna)
  • Shower
  • Beginning working to set up the week (around 4pm)
  • Enjoy a few hours of [something] before bed (around 8pm)

My time spent setting up the next week is really pretty minimal, four hours or so max. And it’s all done at my own pace – I will interrupt sending emails or task planning to read an article or watch YouTube videos that pop up.

But by taking a proactive look at the calendar for the upcoming week, getting ahead of the Monday morning email deluge, and planning for upcoming meetings, I maintain control over my week.

When I don’t take some time on Sunday, I feel rushed as soon as I wake up on Monday morning. I’m immediately working from behind. A lot of the time, I really never feel like I catch up, and I operate reactively instead of proactively all week.

For me, a winning week always starts on Sunday.