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Around this time last year, I set up a fitness assessment with a friend of mine named Bobby. He ran me through a battery of tests for my flexibility, mobility, and body composition.

The tests seemed really simple – squatting with a dowel rod, toe touches, one-legged squats, etc. But it became abundantly clear that I was lacking the flexibility and mobility that someone of my strength and fitness should have.

Bobby advised that I get on an exercise regimen to first focus on my flexibility and mobility and forego strength training until I had built a better base.

You’ve probably heard similar advice in different ways before. When you do squats, you should work on your form before adding too much weight in order to protect from hurting yourself. In all sports, they teach the fundamentals so that you don’t build on top of poor habits.

I think this applies outside of physical exercise or activities as well.

While it’s possible to launch a business, product, or service without having worked out some of the processes that can make things go smoothly, you may be setting yourself up for long-term “injury” or a setback that warrants more intention on the front end.

It’s a fine line, as most entrepreneurs would tell you that speed is important and getting “something” out there quickly to test and iterate is key. But that “something” may be a beta test or some other way of piloting your idea.

When I began putting the plan together for Unreal, I knew I would do a beta group first. That way I could test my assumptions, cut out the aspects that didn’t work or weren’t a value add, and add aspects that I didn’t think about until we started working through the weekly calls.

After working through those assumptions, receiving feedback from the first group, and incorporating all of that into the new program, I am excited to move into the “strength training” phase of helping our next micro-communities succeed and building up the Collective as a whole.

When I first met with Bobby, I wanted him to share an exercise plan with me that would unlock the secrets of getting jacked. But I was putting the cart before the horse.