Several times per year, I host live workshops on Zoom.

These are dense, highly-produced presentations designed to give you a depth of understanding in 90 minutes or less.

Below are my most popular workshops available now.


Community Building Crash Course

This workshop is designed for those interested in or in the early stages of community building.

In this 60 min. workshop you'll learn:

  • How to start your community
  • How to create strong onboarding
  • How to increase "engagement"
  • The tools I recommend
  • The common pitfalls people make

​I'll help you create a remarkable, gratifying community experience!

More than 200 students have enrolled!


Memberships & Advanced Community Building

This is a follow up to my Community Building Crash Course.

In this 80 min. workshop, you'll learn:

• Memberships vs. Communities
• What makes a great membership
• What people want from a membership
• Improving community participation
• Growing your community
• Improving retention, lowering churn

This goes deep into my most advanced community building strategies. Enjoy!


Email Newsletter Workshop

Over the last four years, I've written 500+ newsletters. I know. It's a lot. But it's the core of my business as a creator!

In this workshop, you'll learn:

🛠 The tools I use
📈 How I think about growth
📓 Content planning
🎯 Subject lines
💰 Products and offers

Get your newsletter off to a strong start by watching this workshop.


Invisible Selling Workshop

Selling is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. You may think "sales" are bad – but, when done correctly, selling is invisible.

Invisible selling means both sides agree the sale is the obvious and DESIRED next step.

In this 60-minute workshop, I'll teach you how to make your selling invisible. Whether you're selling client services, digital products, or even just your ideas, this is for you.

You'll leave this workshop feeling more confident and excited about selling.


Goal Smashing Workshop

Over the last four years, I've built my own process for smashing my goals.

In this 60 min. workshop, you'll learn:

📝 Get my planning template
🎯 Set annual & quarterly goals
🔨 Break big goals into small tasks
🔥 Execute a step-by-step plan

You'll leave with a 12-month plan broken down into actionable steps.


Indie Podcaster Crash Course

In less than two years, I've generated nearly one million downloads with my podcast, Creative Elements.

In this 60 min. workshop, you'll learn:

• Questions to ask before starting a podcast
• How to structure your show
• An overview of my production process
• How to be a memorable interviewer
• The gear I recommend

If you're interested in starting a podcast, this workshop will get you off to a strong start!

👋 Hey! I'm

Jay Clouse

I'm writer, podcaster, course creator, and more! Basically your typical multi-hyphenate-slashie-creator.

Before I was a creator, I was into startups. I've been fortunate to have sold two companies and invested in a few others.

I am fortunate to spend all of my time working on creative projects that I love. And I want to help lift YOU towards creative independence too.

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