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For the last several years, I’ve spent the majority of my time sharpening my axe as a product manager at software companies (my own company, Tixers, and most recently at CrossChx).

Product management is a fairly new discipline in terms of software companies. And it’s growing rapidly – the skillset is in incredible demand, especially on the coasts.

There’s still quite a bit of mystique around what a product manager does and what skills make a good product manager. With little formal training available, how does someone learn product management?

But here’s the thing: you’re already a product manager. Everyone is.

Remember that you are a product. A product that you will never stop building.

In a lot of ways, the way you manage your life directly corresponds to how you’d manage a product (and vice versa). Instead of managing between sales, marketing, engineering, and design, you may be managing between work, self care, relationships, and hobbies.

That seems abstract, but believe me – it actually plays out very similarly.

I just finished creating a guide on the tools I use to effectively task manage and maximize my own time. This also includes a 10-minute video tutorial for using these tools.

If you’re interested in becoming a better product manager, even for your own sake, I’m giving it to you for free. Just enter your email below.