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I have no idea what business or industry you are in. You may be an educator, a lawyer, a student, a marketer, or a songwriter. Maybe you think you aren’t selling a product.

But you are.

You are a product. And you are a product that you will never stop building.

How are you positioned in the marketplace? What is your value prop? What differentiates you? Who loves your product?

This may seem to be gross or hyperbolic comparison, but it’s not really.

The first line in the popular book on negotiation, Getting to Yes, reads, “Like it or not, you are a negotiator.” Often, you are a negotiator for your most important product: yourself.

Do you have bugs to fix? Key functions that could be strengthened and make you stand out?

What type of market do you serve? What is your time worth? How are you working to develop and improve your product?

You get the point.

Some product advice to consider:

1. Build something people want
2. Move fast and break things
3. Test and iterate rapidly
4. Feedback is critical
5. Underpromise, overdeliver
6. Innovate or die

You can build a better mousetrap, or you can change an industry.